Sunday Strolls

So I’ve just recently started an MBA program here in Paris (which I adore) but I’m only 3 days in and there’s so, so much work! Talk about re-learning years’ worth of forgotten concepts and reading 250 pages in a weekend…
Needless to say, after spending the weekend hard at work I was ready for a break Sunday. Previously my least favorite day of the week, Sunday has become my favorite here in Paris. Most stores close down for the day and everything seems to move at a slower pace. Sundays in Paris are the perfect time to take a stroll and discover a new part of the city.. And what would Sunday be without a proper Sunday morning breakfast, or “pâtisserie”? 

It’s argued that Paris has the absolute best pastries in the world,  and I would have to agree 100%! Here are my favorite go-to places across the city for the perfect sweet treat (plus they are open on Sunday!): 

The Smiths Bakery 

12 Rue de Buci, Paris 6e

Open daily: 8h – 23h

This little spot tucked away on the bustling Rue de Buci never disappoints (and it’s open late, too). Offering an amazing selection of homemade sweet treats as well as savory options, you’re sure to find something you like. My favorite is their dark chocolate chip cookie and their raspberry tarte, but everything I’ve tried from there has been simple and delicious. Check it out on your next meander through the 6th ! 

Pain de Sucre 

14 Rue Rambuteau, Paris 3e

Open Thursday – Monday: 10h – 20h (19h Sunday)

This lovely bakery has two storefronts with a stunning selection. In the boulangerie you’ll find all sorts of savory options (their sandwiches on pain Au lait are to die for!) as well as one of the best pain Au chocolat aux amandes in the entire world. If you’re in the mood for something even sweeter, head next door and check out their selection of beautifully crafted cakes and tartes! 


150 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris 16e

Open Tuesday – Sunday: 6h30 – 20h30

This lovely bakery has several locations around Paris, but the one at Victor Hugo is the only location open on Sundays and is also the only one that has a sit-down option (the others are only take away). Here they have a Nutella pain Au chocolat aux amandes. Yes, NUTELLA inside a pastry. Check it out! 

Sunday Casual:

Wearing: Brandy Melville Shorts | Amongst Few Sweatshirt | Adidas Sneakers 


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